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Choose a Bookkeeper Who Has Been There

Jan Lockie has 15 plus years of experience as a professional in marketing, sales, inventory management, non-profit and retail business environments. That experience has proven to be invaluable in truly understanding her clients' businesses. She will find or create tools to help you run your business, from simple dashboards with your current key indicators to detailed analytical tools. When you engage Your Adding Advantage, you are engaging a Bookkeeper, a Client/Customer Manager, a Problem-Solver, a Negotiator and an Administrator.

In addition to her business and bookkeeping experience, Jan has tax preparation training and continues to work several hours a week year round at a local tax preparation firm. This enables her to interface more effectively with her clients' tax preparers, providing them with data that will populate her clients' returns with a minimum of intervention.

Jan's clients describe her as someone they can really count on to manager their daily financial needs - extremely reliable and conscientious with the flexibility to address immediate concerns when necessary. Her dedication to high standards and work ethic is the reason her clients refer her over and over.

Why Engage a Professional Bookkeeping Firm?

Do it right the first time. This ensures you are working with accurate information to make financial decisions and to report to investors or principals. Avoid costly finance charges due to inaccurate recordkeeping or by expecting yourself or your "jack of all trades" to "do it all." Maintaining accurate books saves time and money in the long run because there is no need for clean-up of past errors. You will benefit from the experience of someone who is continually researching and evaluating the myriad of financial products and services flooding the market today. And most importantly, leaving the numbers to a professional bookkeeper frees you to focus on what you do best!

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